Thursday, July 8, 2010

An Enlightened Encounter

I feel so lucky to have met three enlightened beings in my life. One of them was last night. I wanted to write about that encounter while it was still fresh in my mind.

A friend of ours invited us to a Course In Miracles gathering at his place. Even though I think the course itself is probably a gem I have felt in the past that the people who practice it tend to do a lot of preaching. I have been told that ACIM is the fastest, easiest and the most direct way towards enlightenment. I don’t like to think one particular way is better or faster than the other. All teachings from all these great teachers are stepping stones to bring you closer to your inner truth. So I wasn’t all that interested in going to this meeting at first.

I am so glad I did!

It was a small gathering. A man came in to the room and started speaking. I don’t think he came in with much of a plan for the meeting. He just let it flow. Once he started speaking I could feel the love that was surrounding him. This man was totally at peace with himself and the world around him. He had no judgments whatsoever in his eyes. He felt no need to convince no one of his truth. Even when he answered questions it wasn’t as if he was trying to teach us anything. It just felt like he was talking to an old friend. He was truly there to help in whichever way he could without expecting anything back.

As I was listening to him I felt something in me opening up. I felt a very comforting feeling. You know the feeling you feel on a rainy day when your house is all clean and you have no chores or no work, you have no place to be and you are well rested. So you curl up on your bed or the  couch with a nice hot cup of tea to read your favorite book. Your mind is clear, you have no worries and for the most part you in the moment with out thinking about the past or the future. That was the feeling I felt through most of the meeting.

I started seeing myself in my mind. Almost like I was looking at myself as if I was my own daughter and truly seeing this little girl for who she was. I started having revelations about myself and the world around me. I started seeing how some parts of my earthly life are totally ego driven. It was like the part of me that was enlightened, or my higher self was brought to the surface by this man’s presence and it was showing me of my ego self. Of course I've been aware of my ego and been on this path of dissolving it for many years. But last night I saw the tiniest of tiniest aspects of my ego. All this was done with so much love, trust and with no judgment that there was no resistance from me.

I also felt this sudden urge to be of service. His state of being was definitely contagious!

His name is David Hoffmeister. He said he had an online presence and that there are hundreds of videos and articles by him for free on the net. I plan to find them and I hope you do too. His suggested donation for the gathering was $25 but if you couldn’t afford it he still wanted you to come. He gives out his phone # on his website and on facebook. He truly seems to be a man who is here to serve. So find him on the net. See if his teaching (I use that word loosely because I didn’t feel like he was there to teach) resonate with you. I highly recommend going to see David in person to feel his true essence.

I’ve met many spiritual teachers, monks, philosophers and coaches. Like I said there were only three beings in my entire life I met in person I felt were truly awakened. One was a Sri Lankan monk, the other was Eckhart Tolle. David is the third. He is also the most accessible in person.

Oh one more thing the guy likes to sing and apparently The Holy spirit raps through him. I so wanted to see him rap but we ran out of time at the end of the night because the discussion kept going on and on. May be I’ll find a youtube video of that. If you do please send it to me.

I’m so grateful for David, grateful for my friends who hosted him and opened their house to us, grateful for the A Course In Miracles that help David through his journey and so grateful I went to this little gathering.

With love

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